Birt 2 maí 2021
The sidemen slurp
Thanks to skylight for hosting us you big donnys:
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  • Jj at the very end haha

  • And nobody thought to bring a bottle opener......? SMH

  • i feel bad that they make toby drink when he clearly doesn't want to ngl

  • Me Balkan: I would go for R with Rakija and for O with Orahovica. Both hard alcohol Things hahahaha

  • If u watched to the end like this

  • ❤❤❤

  • Why did they cut out the bit after Harry hit josh in the head?

  • The sidemen should try to fast for a day in their next vid

  • When looking at the camera men/women unless they just look very alike in starting to think these where filmed on different days.


  • is it me or ethan looking older af

  • Pls let tommy join sidemen

  • Dont forget Monday rhymes with alcohol

  • 07:52 "New KSI is more mature and grown up"

  • Is that a hickey on Ethan’s neck at 13:58

  • Hi

  • The bodyguards HAHAHAHA

  • Can’t believe Simon (a millionaire) basically took 2 grand from the camera guy 🙄

  • Can someone explain the game they started playing at 56:26?? Thanks in advance! ❤

  • Who else is from Poland and drinks Lech?

  • Nobody: Nobody at all: Vik: Bro, I'm photosynthesising, Bro, I'm a plant!

  • 14:49 ayo Josh pickup your rubbish dude



  • anyone else see the hickeys on ethans neck ????

  • I was there a day before them😡😡

  • 13:30 ethan with the hickeyyy man's gettin laid now

  • Didn't respect Toby for fasting, lost all my respect to them now

  • The hug in the end is goals, let's enjoy the sidemen while they are still available boys

  • 28:04

  • 32:30 😂😂😂

  • Harry’s sponsor is like 😦

  • What was with the NWA album pic at the end 😂

  • Josh provides the least content in all sidemen videos

  • Toby is the worst sideman by such a long way, it’s not even close

  • How would it have gone right is my question-

  • No one going to talk about ethans hickey on his neck?

  • Toby makes these videos boring!!!

  • Ethan and Tobi's conversation about drinking is so cute is it just me?

  • we like to drink with me cus me is me

  • Love these type of videos keep doing theses please guys. I be admit I do think vik was faking it to the end.

  • 33:55 🖤

    • 50:21 "There's no money" hahahahaha :D Hell yeah there isn't

  • 15:26 i´m lovin it

  • DriNk yO LegHhh 🤣

  • the fact that ksi bitched it and paid simon 2 grand to do it for him

  • +=4=4 =7=4=4=1=4=5=4=1=1=6

  • W^H^A^T A^P^P*N*O. +1 (•9•5•4•) •5•1•9-5•9•9•7.

  • 44:43 the way it rebounded on harry too 😂😂😂😂😂

  • When is there gonna be shoes in the sidemen clothing shop?

  • Me and the bartender share the same name 😂

  • Lol i just realised this is while covid,why does no pedestrian wear a mask in England

  • 14:05

  • Ahahahah 32:27

  • 13:58 its 5 o clock somewhere in the world!!

  • Just a bookmark for when I return. 52:10

  • Am I the only one who stoped the 1:11:11 lol

  • not the sidemen not knowing what a vortex is, respect aussie culture ahahha


  • next drinking video, please do Harry and Ethan vs All

  • 13:30- the hickey on ethans neck 🤔

  • Since when they have got bodyguards lololol?

  • one of the best ever

  • It's weird vik 6 years ago shy wouldn't think he's one the the lads now days down it ay !!! Boys boys boys

  • Cant lie loved the video but man Simon thats actually deep taking 2k off JJ then giving £500 to John (the cameraman). Initial offer was to him for 2k which will be much more to him than it is to Miniminter who lives in a flat in the city of London....

  • 1:01:09 me when the tests starts but i have not studied at all

  • .

  • eyo, did yall see eathan had a hickey?

  • 56:30 me and my friends on a museum visit

  • Love the drinking games, they are so funny

  • 5:50 the sign literally says "open 4 pm - 11 pm Monday.".

  • Is that hickeys on ethans neck where’s elz at

  • Watching the Sidemen drunk is the best thing I'll ever see😂😂😂😂

  • how to kill ur liver 101 harry is nuts HAHAHHAAHAHA

  • Their bodyguard is massive 🤣🤣

  • All of these man r jokes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ksi is finished 🤣🤣

  • They should do a sidemen learn parkour video and then have to go do some actual parkour in a city

  • Ethans jokes 🤣

  • Josh's full send energy is seriously underrated

  • vik is gone 1:05:40

  • Josh's ITS COLD caught me off guard 😂

  • One of the best SIDEMEN video, wholesome af

  • am i the only once that saw Ethan have 2-3 hickeys on his neck????

  • Do a ‘Sidemen do the marine training camp’ video!!!! that would banggg

  • 8:21... what’s Ethan taking?🤨

  • Josh's head helped him with limbo

  • I don't know why this made me laugh so hard for 14:56

  • I watched these fools scream and slap each other for 10 mins. Also this balcony is niceee

  • The cameraman was offered *2k pounds:* -didn't shake on it -was offered 500 right after -took it with no hesitation

  • Not them voting and holding Harry to punish him

  • Are u allowed to drink in public places in the uk?

  • Who has given Behz a hickey? :O

  • The transition at 28:01 tho


  • 1:07:32 I thought the boys didn't allow voice cracks lol

  • Never seen Ethan that uncomfortable when saying negroni that he had to say ‘it’s a cocktail guys’ 😂😂

  • Toby is the most boring guy brings nothing to the group

  • JJ is on the road to Islam. “Astagfurallah”

  • Is toby muslim ??

  • Aàa