Birt 10 jan 2021
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • One of them should have ordered an expensive mystery box

  • JJ looks so cute in the thumbnail 😉

  • Ik JJ has got money but I felt so bad for him that he didn’t get anything and he tried so hard for Ethan

  • peanutbutter

  • Buy a nice decent rolex watch dudes

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  • ksi and simon sitting on a tree F I G H T I N G

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  • Alternate title: Sidemen get a 100 thousand dollar tax write off

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  • The super milker 🤣😂

  • This Is probably the funniest sidemen video.

  • Will spend that in less tha 1 mint stock investment easy

  • Single handedly the funniest sidemen video ever

  • Wait the internet provider can see pornhub!!!

  • Oh no 🤦 just don’t p

  • 1:10:00 was what i died to

  • oof idk why im wasting an hour watch them BUT WHO CAres ITS FUn hehe boi

  • shut up

  • Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

  • If I was to do this, and I needed to smash 1-5K out in quick time I’m buying a katana for them.

  • The labored bass normally tick because angle neurochemically license to a lyrical kick. delightful, testy mine

  • Lol nice try ethan it backfired hard lmao

  • 50:00 it's not a ps5

  • Could’ve just done an super noice camera, a couple 4K monitors and the best keyboard, mouse and mouse-pad (probably razor or Logitech). Could’ve easily been 10k

  • Super milker link 😏😏

  • If someone had that much money to spend on me and they donate it to charity they not my friend anymore 😂

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  • 23:48 I swear I hear “Deji”

  • Feel sorry for JJ,tried to be nice but backfired completely but still he kept all the gifts haaa

  • Jj is just so bad at this 😂

  • Longest 5 minutes ever

  • Awesome video!

  • Whoa now, calm down there Mr beast

  • Can I just ask ....why are youtubers always yelling ?

  • Why is this video an hour and twenty three minutes then? It should be 10 minutes in total, 2 minutes intro and 5 minutes spending the money,and 3 minutes reviewing the stuff they bought. Lmao

  • Yep Ethan definitely deserved that😂

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  • F ethan

  • F ethan

  • F ethan

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  • Me in June still waiting for them to upload the other gifts to their Instagram story

  • I would pay my mortgage lol

  • hey guys this video is sponsored by Sony

  • can i have a gopro

  • 6:16 Look Its ethan did not realise he was on gucci website till now good for him

  • 50:00 🤧🤣🤧🤣🤧🤣🤧🤣🤧🤧🤧🤣🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I coulda gave them a way to spend it quickly no problem, I'd just ask em to take a look at my student loans

  • 23:48 Tobi called him Deji

  • Title: sidemen have 5 MINUTES to spend 100k.what actually happens turns it into over a hour

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  • They made over 2 million on this video....

  • so Now Only I Know Vik Is Vikram

  • Please do another one of these :(

  • I can't believe jj actually his @$$

  • No one: Me behind my screen trying to act and be one of the sidemen

  • Ethan look sad when ksi destroyed his gifts

    • @ius_bbibbi no he didn’t jk

    • But like he also deserved it

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  • Vjgvjg

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  • I would’ve cried if I was ksi right then

  • I’m the newest comment

  • I don’t respect big behz anymore

  • Man, Vick talks way too much 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • What if they hit a sertin number of likes they buy for there viewers

  • last

  • notice how they blurred tobys recent searches kinda sus

  • Jesus Ethan really is the unluckiest person alive

  • So they have 100k dollars to spend or 10.4K pounds? Someone explain

  • 1:09:50 Harry: *Huyeeahh*

  • Ohh I wish I can have 5mins to buy something I would buy soo much things that I have on my mind

  • idk how they turned 5 minutes into 30 minutes

  • They should have bought a car or something

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  • Vikk bouta enjoy his tequilas or whatever it is

  • I literally have that same bin that Simon got

  • Harry got done so insanely dirty

  • I hate ksi

  • 5 Minutes to Spend £100,000 Video: 1:20:00 long

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  • Ethan just pissed me off this time tbh.

  • They should of got some drones

  • Lol Vikk spent 6k of his own money yet Ethan didn’t spend more than 300 on jj

  • I don't know the last time I laughed this hard at a video

  • The super Miller hits different

  • Yooo I got so confused cause the title says spending 100,000 and their actual budget was 10 k

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  • pappa pigs dads 14 foot 2 inches

  • Or cancel the donation mate 🤣

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  • Massager ........ oh it’s a

  • I like the fact they have 5 minutes to do it but it’s a hour long

  • 48:18

  • Ethan is the goat for this

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