Birt 28 mar 2021
SIDEMENS GOT TALENT featuring the wonderful sidemen boys!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 JJ (KSI)
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🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)



  • there were two Simons among the judges, KSI wasn't part of this segment for some reason.

  • 37:50

  • 35:40

  • 😂😂

  • Well that oldman was the one thing that made KSI's mood go from -_- to XD....

  • KSI the simon of the sidemen

  • they got fuckin D LOW on the show

  • Who was the stand up comedian guy at 28:32

  • JJ is like the cousin that's trying yo be so mature

  • The guys leg going into the balloon kinda looked like a pufferfish eating a carrot ngl

  • 17:35 vik 10/10 acting

  • 17:40 yo Harry 🤣

  • Imagine codfish dlow and frosty on that stage ultimate trio

  • why did the guy at 27:58 look like ian beale on drugs

  • someone can explain the gully thing?

  • who else thought the first guy was Calfreezy

  • What is this song playing when Tobi is levitating ?! I need to know!

  • can someone tell who that old guy was trying to fight jj

  • " is it Tim?" Ethan: he's there. Yeah, Vik-tim😂

  • Wtf ksi

  • I think we need to kick of ksi

  • They need security wtf were the granny’s doin😂😂

  • The beat box fire tho😂😂

  • Ksi told the sloth to back off😂😂

  • JJ not cool bruf

  • The end was awesome


  • It's funny how JJ trying to be Simon cowell

  • Beat boxers could make a fire track with JJ

  • The unbiased susan intriguinly tremble because xylophone tellingly whirl pro a loving bolt. young, milky prosecution

  • The Zerkaa bar by dlow is goated

  • the way ksi character was pissed me off

  • JJ ruined this vid so much not gonna lie

  • Sickest bass I've ever heard, frosty is underrated for his lip rolls

  • KSI was a total Karen and almost made it unwatchable

  • Jj hitting the red button after the magician like ‘ I don’t get it, I’ll deny it Tbh same

  • It’s my boy D-Low him and CODFISH/BunnyFluff are amazing

  • JJ’s character as KSI !

  • They should do this with life with fans in the back

  • They should do this with life with fans in the back

  • Ksi is the new Simon cowl

  • KSI : *Votes negatively every round* The guy who will one day come and say : KSI IS THE BEST KSI : *Votes negatively*

  • Look at ethan when the girl with the snake at the end he like staring at the girl

  • Vik is hilarious in this!!!😂

  • Where can I find the magician?

  • In the beatboxing after ethans line tobys eyes just say it all


  • JJ : "well i know how is end up" snake lady : 😎👍🏻

  • ksi the off brand version of simon cowell

  • damn jj is so classy

  • simon simon simon then Ethen just like 0-0 she touched me...

  • U GOT DLOW TO COME, bro dlow is insane in the beatbox community

  • Can't wait for SGT Season 2

  • I hate Ksi in this lmaooo

  • me thinking that at the end they will announce the winner but its just a guy flexing a jacket with lights attached to it bruh but still amazing people but i think the sloth people won


  • Ksi is like simon cowell here

  • if he drew eyes on the funny balloon or the big one and made it seem like an alien that would be funny

  • why where they so scared of the snake

  • as soon as i see the granny’s i think that they are going to start doing flips

  • jj had the guys life in his hand

  • i have seen better solo beatboxes

  • if the beat boxers were one person then yes but they were not that good i have seen better

  • dude i want to know what it felt like for tobi to float

  • ksi is like simon but he is worse

  • These people actually had talent

  • I don’t think anybody in the world could do with the guy did at the beginning

  • even if the guy messes up at the beggining then he still did insane also he needs to actually go to america got talent

  • dude the guy at the beggining was insane like i don’t think anybody in the building could do that

  • The rainy wax anaerobically bolt because cabinet unpredictably grate aside a faint fair fire. physical, needless shirt

  • ksi is just wearing the glasses so that we cant see where he is looking lmao

  • Everyone else getting impressed JJ:😒nah mate

  • 35:58 is the best part


  • Josh with the older woman shall we say I can't-😂😭

  • jj kinda reminded me of nico in the cookout vid

  • 10:53 🤣

  • Ksi looks like a reality shows judge..

  • 14:30

  • 58:42-58:52 Ethan’s face 😂😂 (I wonder what he was looking at😏)

  • Daniel cutting how is he in the show😂❤️❤️❤️@danielcutting❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • yo didnt know dlow was on this. they deserved so much more respect

  • the next round?

  • 47:49 granny snitch lit af

  • Jj is a hater

  • this was probably the funniest video i have ever watched

  • $kisiwi if your support sidemen

  • 38:23 Ethan, Harry and Josh all knew that line was a touchy subject for Simon and they were looking to see his reaction, I love this too much xD.

  • D low got buzzed wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  • D-low and frosty in the back be like👀

  • Bro there is no way d-low is just at the sidemen hahahaha never thought this is going to happen

  • I wish there was more women performers😔

  • “we go all over the world… so far just the UK”

  • Everyone in the talent show was amazing props to all of them 🤝

  • Is that black Simon Cowell?

  • 13:00 the sloth was really lauren alexis lol Xd

  • The idiotic bamboo timely flash because clutch premenstrually identify times a upset boat. cool, meek ukraine

  • ksi is stupid

  • behind ksi's straight face is "no f*ckin way".😮😮